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When my book I Run, Therefore I Am – NUTS! was published it was uncertain if it would sell a total of six copies (to sympathetic family members) or be slightly more successful. Would those who welcome the feeling of crusty sweat, who wear black toenails like badges of honor and find joy in the exhilaration of exhaustion, also find humor in all things running?

Thankfully they did. The book generated tremendous laughter and quite a following amongst the polyester laden running set while becoming a top-selling book.  We runners knew that after those occasions where we hit the proverbial wall, feeling as though an obese elephant had jumped on our shoulders for a piggy back ride, it’s best to find some laughs after the hallucinatory fog dissipates.

I’ve been a runner for over 40 years and have hit more than my share of walls, but in the process have accumulated a wealth of humorous running related experiences to draw from. All of which ultimately contributed to the sequel of  I Run, Therefore I Am – STILL Nuts! 

So allow me to replace your side stitches with stitches from laughter and get you into your target heart rate zone via tickling your funny bone.

Enjoy I Run, Therefore I Am – NUTS! and I Run, Therefore I Am – STILL Nuts! and BOB’S BLOG,  Also, feel free to EMAIL ME.

Long may you run and long may you laugh,



6 responses

  1. All too often we get the usual dry running books focusing on the how-to’s. Which don’t really paint an accurate picture of how much fun, and sometimes weird, we runners are. Your book is like a fresh blast of deodorant in a musty gym bag full of running gear. Can’t wait for the sequel!


  2. Bob… I think my running seniority eclipses yours, just not the times! Slow is my mantra.
    I’m excited that you wrote a sequel, I chuckled through your first, and can’t wait to see which common experiences you highlighted in your second book!
    Best of luck on your new endeavors and thanks for the memories, looking forward to your Blog.
    Warm regards

  3. OMG! So, so happy to learn of sequel coming out this fall. I LOVED the first book. Simly hilarious Bob! I couldn’t stop laughing my way through it and have read it over and over and the laughs continue. Good luck with the blog and I’ll be reading.

    Happy trails,


  4. I’m one of those NUTS! and your book was wildly entertaining. You capture crazed and obsessed runners like us in a very hysterical way. We can laugh at ourselves and we can continue loving the sport of running.

    Well done Bob and can’t wait for the sequel. Keep those blog posts coming!


  5. Hi Bob,

    Your book is hilarious! I couldn’t put it down. It truly is a hysterical read. You capsulize the crazy and funny world of runners in an extremely entertaining way. Can’t wait for the sequel!

    Love it!


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